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Since the beginning of time, humanity has been on the search for the source of all wisdom, including knowing the source of life and all existence. We have carried out research, created theories, and chosen our own distinct parts into finding God. However, whilst there is indeed a higher power as believed by different factions, a lot of us have ignored the fine lines and forgotten that we are gods all by ourselves.

Disclaimer: I believe in God, and I’m a Christian. Kindly follow only the specific train of thought as it is written here. It should, thus, not be interpreted in another context other than one that challenges us to peek into the powers of our psyche.
““The secret lies within” was the core tenet of the mysteries, urging mankind to seek God not in the heavens above… but rather within himself. The secret hides within. It was the message of all great mystical teachers.

The Kingdom of God is within you, said Jesus Christ.

Know thyself, said Pythagoras.

Know ye not that ye are gods, said Hermes Trismegistus…

All the mystical teachings of the ages had attempted to convey this one idea. The secret hides within. Even though, mankind continued looking to the Heavens for the face of God.”

This is an excerpt from Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, and it puts this in perspective.

As said, this message isn’t one we are unfamiliar with as humans. Christians have been made to understand the fact that they were created in the image and likeness of God. While a few other religions might not follow the exact same message as it is, we can see traces of it in all we do. The idea of God has been to control, to create, and to have dominion over. Without trying to juxtapose the powers of God and humans as equal, a truth is that humans have been given the powers to do so more things that seem impossible.

The entire range of topics around the psyche, point us to directions that while seemingly beyond our reach, are indeed closer to us than they appear. Think of the power of the mind, the placebo effect, how the monks have the ability to create heat or how people raise the dead by believing or having faith. Think of creativity itself, how we think up our realities, technology, innovation; imagine if we used our brains to their full capacities! Of course, you already would see the loopholes in thinking we have an awful lot of power. Humans are still irrational, and perfection is an illusion. We are not indestructible, we cannot be in more than one place at the same time (or can we), we cannot create ourselves from dust, and even though we can unconsciously do so much, our humanity is a limitation.

The point is the godlike powers bestowed on us are being used a little too casually by a lot of us. Thousands of books have reminded us time and again about the powers of our thoughts. How they have matter, enough to shake the ether. We have imaginations that have led us to wonderful discoveries, inventions, and creations. While some people use this so much that it almost gets to the point of crossing the line of humanity, most of us have restricted ourselves to normalcy. Forget geniuses; we have the power to learn and unlearn anything we so deeply want – enough for us to all be geniuses.

This is how humans have made themselves walking computers and calculators, solving the most complex problems. It is how people beat blackjack games by using their brains for card counting. How do people memorize volumes of books and recreate photos through art? This is why we can create wealth from nothing. Think of the underground tunnels and the skyscrapers. How did we invent things like light and sound, just from our minds? If one person can do it, you can too. The potentials of the human brain and mind are astonishing. So astonishing, it makes us gods in our own spheres. We have the power. Note that there is a big difference between playing God, and being godlike in our humanity. We just need to have an understanding of our capabilities, so that we can look inwards to solve problems and believe in ourselves almost as much as we believe in the powers of the actual God. Look inwards, fill your mind with the things that take you one step closer to perfection, and you would unleash the best things the world has ever seen.

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  1. We are not indestructible, we cannot be in more than one place at the same time (or can we), we cannot create ourselves from dust…

    What if there’s actually no single entity with these attributes either? What if we don’t have to be creations from dust? What if there is no actual God but these coalition of forces from every single one of us gods is what makes up the massive manifestation we try to explain with God?


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