Music is life.
It’s a companion that never really goes anywhere.
It makes life worth living, and it completes us as humans. Melodies have the power to douse the deepest pains or fury. Music also has the power to worsen them, if you so please. It connects unrelated beings together, forces the strings in our bodies to move, and keeps our hearts warm. Music is indeed a blessing to the world.

In all these things, one thing that makes all of this worth is, at least for a knowledge junkie like myself, is the message every song has. Of course, this only applies if you listen to the right kinds. If you listen to rap, the message comes as spoken word, clear as day. If you listen to rock, the messages scream at you until you get to a new point of serenity within the noise. Rhythm and blues and alternative rock? They speak to your deepest emotions and get you sober. Pop, sends subtle messages as well within its basic and simplified word play.

Point is, sometimes music screams the loudest of messages and information and we fail to notice. It shows the pain of others, shows the perspective of a time, and so much more. This is why I’m tuning off my inner critic and creating a page where I analyse the deepest songs with the realest messages. Travel with me through time and age, and we’ll find the hidden messages between the tunes that we bop our heads to.

Maybe it’ll make you a lot more conscious to the songs you fall in love with, maybe it would be one more thing Lawretta pulls your attention to, or maybe it would open you to a whole realm of illumination that you’re not ready for. Since music, like the Bible, speaks to us in different ways, we’ll all have a chance to say what we feel or think about every track.

Think of it as music reviews without rating. Welcome to the new wave of knowledge…

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Ejiro Lawretta Egba is a young chartered accountant and writer from Nigeria. She holds a degree in Accounting and is a qualified member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. She is currently a Financial Analyst for a private equity firm in Nigeria, a ghost writer, and a writer/contributor for a number of websites and platforms, both home and abroad. With an immense passion for knowledge acquisition, she seeks to contribute her own quota to the African community and beyond. For info and inquiries, contact via:



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