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Poor hungry youths would flood the streets
Armed with will, pain, and fury
They would burn your houses and steal your cars
They’ll attack your daughters
And with one voice, they would blow up your monopoly
Because the revolution would not be televised

The revolution would not be televised,
for, these kids, the ones that roam our roads
begging for coins and risking their lives for bread for their wicked masters
They would find a new type of education than the ones with walls you have deprived them from viewing
And they’ll come after you, the godfathers
They would smash your car windows and crumble your empires from within your sympathy
They would see your life as irrelevant as you have seen theirs
You would not be able to turn your face away or drive off, or switch the channel
Because the revolution would not be televised

Tribes at war, the ones building Babel’s tower?
They’ll find one language
They’ll see beyond the distraction, the ounces of confusion you have tear-gassed into their community
They would stop protecting their oil, or their corn
They would drop their brooms and toss their shovels
The spec in their eyes would drop and rather than fight against one another, protecting biased brothers within giant rocks,
They would regroup… “Us against Them”
No, you would not watch it on TV
Because even the reporters and vixens would dance their way to you as sandstorms following earthquakes
There would be no warnings brother,
Because the revolution would not be televised

Your guards would not be able to protect you,
Because jobless school leavers in large numbers will break your gates
Your scornful bribes attempting to force silence would fall flat as people would replace cowardice with greed, and they’ll want it all
Disillusioned dreamers would leave their dark huts and hold their lamps
They would march to your haven and cut your power source
In absolute darkness you would shiver and you will fret
But they would attack you in the darkness that is their norm
There would be no water heaters to keep you warm from the cold of your land that you have failed to see
There would be no air conditioning to cool you off from the scorching heat your people hawk goods under
Your safes would be disarmed and your lives would be threatened
The revolution would really not be televised

The revolution would not be televised
The revolution would not be televised
The revolution would not be televised
There would be no commercial breaks
You would not have someone make fun of it
Nobody would watch you make a mockery of your people
While you see the world in large numbers $$$
And you live in luxury forgetting that the larger numbers are in penury
While denying the truth that your people are some of the world’s saddest amidst their happiness
Remember it would not be televised
There would be no remote control or satellite option
You would feel everything and watch it unending
There would be no pictures
There would be no theme songs
There would be no snakes or monkeys to swallow up your lies
There would be no big-brother
There would be no re-runs
The revolution would be live.

(Title adapted from Gil Scott-Heron’s 1970 track, “The Revolution would not be televised.”)

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Ejiro Lawretta Egba is a young chartered accountant and writer from Nigeria. She holds a degree in Accounting and is a qualified member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. She is currently a Financial Analyst for a private equity firm in Nigeria, a ghost writer, and a writer/contributor for a number of websites and platforms, both home and abroad. With an immense passion for knowledge acquisition, she seeks to contribute her own quota to the African community and beyond. For info and inquiries, contact via:



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