This Fine Girl


This fine girl doesn’t speak her language
She doesn’t roll colored words over her tongue
The way her people do
This fine girl drinks
Every now and then, the heat
is good for communion with herself

This fine girl doesn’t like makeup
Or mirrors or being whistled at
She likes to touch her face
and scratch her brows
And walk the streets in silence
This fine girl chews her words,
most of the time
The other times she bends them into darts and arrows
and aims right where the hurt hangs below the belt

This fine girl
collects pebbles in her purse
names stars and sings to the moon
She dances under the rain and
shoots planes down with two fingers and a thumb
This fine girl believes
In God and alchemy and zodiac signs
Whether they make sense or not
She talks to herself in third person
And watches sponge-bob
And doesn’t like small talk

This fine girl doesn’t identify as fine
Or girl, most of the time
She doesn’t identify as anything
She just waltzes through her world
Like dancers in a Fela concert
Fluid, enigmatic, following the rhythm
Without regret, restrain or reproach.


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Ejiro Lawretta Egba is a young chartered accountant and writer from Nigeria. She holds a degree in Accounting and is a qualified member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. She is currently a Financial Analyst for a private equity firm in Nigeria, a ghost writer, and a writer/contributor for a number of websites and platforms, both home and abroad. With an immense passion for knowledge acquisition, she seeks to contribute her own quota to the African community and beyond. For info and inquiries, contact via:



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