‘Thoughts from a Wealthy Perspective’ is a unique self-help/ success oriented piece. Its uniqueness lies in its view of the principles regarding wealth accumulation as well as its presentation methodology. For one who has experienced both the extremes of wealth and penury, Sam Egube challenges the everyday Joe to a change in attitude and ultimately a nudge to action. The book constructively consists of 5 simple chapters in 130 concise pages.

The author leaves no stone unturned as he somehow was able to highlight every vital facet that needs to be conquered or understood in order to properly discard poverty for riches. He starts off from the need for networking and building effective relationships. As value is the cord that holds every relationship in place- whether real or perceived- it is the major requirement for securing effective networks. Explaining how big corporations are made up of great teams, he emphasized the need for synergy.

He went ahead to propel everyone to live his or her dream by not just dreaming and wishing but proactively taking required action to bring them to life. In one of his thoughts, he said:

Have you not observed and wondered at the fatal luxury the poor enjoys? Everyone seems to be blamed for the plight of the poor except the poor themselves.”

The entire book has a highly controversial tone to it. He emphasized that every person possesses the requirement to succeed and this should under no circumstance be wasted. We must do what is necessary to succeed; setting goals and seeing them through to actualization. Above all, Ignore discouragements, have faith, change your beliefs, discard excuses, and maintain a wealthy perspective.

Some things I found particularly thought provoking include:

  • If only the poor would cultivate the value in their hands, their productivity would reduce poverty in the land. This is injustice. I believe that if the poor need help, it should be to persuade them that they have a role in solving the problems of the poor
  • Corruption is overrated. Defeating corruption doesn’t guarantee prosperity. Prosperity comes from the productivity of our people and not necessarily their morals
  • Every time you successfully embrace great reasons why things can’t be done, you succeed in disqualifying yourself from doing them by stopping them being done

The Author completely disassociates himself and detests every beautiful excuse for poverty. He used various biblical and personal illustrations and was not afraid to state real facts. However the tone of the book is somewhat descending and clearly written from the perspective of the rich. Inasmuch as that was the core essence of the piece, it may have been somewhat flawed and one-sided as the poor may not necessarily be ignorant of these principles.

However, it is said that ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’. Knowing is the first step to attaining. I recommend this book for everyone whether rich, middle-classed or poor as nobody is ever too high to soar higher.

You can get this on Amazon or from top bookstores in Nigeria.


Sam Egube is one of those who have shown unwavering determination and persistence to succeed. Listening to him speak, one would assume he was born with multiple silver spoons at his disposal. His realist approach to life is impeccable and is slightly contagious. I especially loved this piece because he held nothing back in speaking his mind. It comes as a push to the reader and completely takes effect on any mindset that has been plagued with thoughts of limitation. It was one great read.

I rate this book 3.8 out of 5. You can give your own rating below.


About the Author

source: www.cwcnog.com
source: www.cwcnog.com

Sam Egube is a registered Civil Engineer with an MBA from IESE, University of Navarra, Barcelona. He has taken jobs as low as a refuse disposal coordinator and a bus driver on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria; while also working jobs as high as the corporate banking director of one of the largest banks in Nigeria. With over twenty years as a senior executive in the banking industry and a consultant with one of the global consulting firms; he offers personal consultations to top CEO’s and entrepreneurs.

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Ejiro Lawretta Egba is a young chartered accountant and writer from Nigeria. She holds a degree in Accounting and is a qualified member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. She is currently a Financial Analyst for a private equity firm in Nigeria, a ghost writer, and a writer/contributor for a number of websites and platforms, both home and abroad. With an immense passion for knowledge acquisition, she seeks to contribute her own quota to the African community and beyond. For info and inquiries, contact via: lawrettawritesbookreviews@yahoo.com


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