FAQ: What Does Iago Manipulation Prove?


What is the impact of Iago’s manipulation on Othello?

The most obvious effect of Iago’s manipulation is to destroy Othello’s peace of mind. Iago hints that Othello’s wife, Desdemona, has been unfaithful to him and Othello’s mental state disintegrates quickly.

How does Iago manipulate everyone?

By getting him drunk through his other technique of being cunning. He gets the trust of people he can work with that, he would make everyone he came in contact with feel as if he was on their side. He could manipulate their minds, tell them false things.

How does Iago manipulate Othello Act 1?

His manipulative nature was first mentioned when he explains to Roderigo that he “will follow him to serve my turn upon him” and that “in following him [ the Moor] I follow but myself”. In Act 1, Iago uses Roderigo’s love for Desdemona against him, manipulating him into participating in his scheme to ruin Othello.

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How does Iago manipulate Othello Act 3?

One method of manipulation that Iago uses in Act 3 scene 3 is making Othello question him and drag out Iago’s reasons for believing that Cassio is being dishonest and having an affair with his wife. He also makes Othello believe that Desdemona is sleeping with Cassio without actually stating it specifically.

Why is Iago jealous of Othello?

Iago felt that Othello was not suitable to be in charge and wanted it for himself. Iago was so jealous that he didn’t care who died as long as he got what he wanted. He wanted Othello to suffer so bad, he murdered his own wife after she told everybody that Iago was behind everything.

Why is Othello so easily manipulated by Iago?

Othello’s main flaw was that he trusted people too much which led him to believe things that never happened. Iago knows about Othello’s trust in people and his need to show his “greatness” because he is black, which makes Othello open to manipulation.

Why is Iago evil?

Iago is one of Shakespeare’s most sinister villains, often considered such because of the unique trust that Othello places in him, which he betrays while maintaining his reputation for honesty and dedication. Shakespeare contrasts Iago with Othello’s nobility and integrity.

Who does Iago kill?

Iago is furious about being overlooked for promotion and plots to take revenge against his General; Othello, the Moor of Venice. Iago manipulates Othello into believing his wife Desdemona is unfaithful, stirring Othello’s jealousy. Othello allows jealousy to consume him, murders Desdemona, and then kills himself.

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Who does Iago call the true general?


Whom does Iago refer to as the true general? Desdemona
How does Othello kill Desdemona? smothering
What, according to Iago, is the “green-eyed monster”? jealousy
Whom does Cassio wound in the drunken brawl of Act II, scene iii? Montano


Who does Iago manipulate first?

Iago’s constant ability to manipulate and use others to do his bidding allows his carry out the 3 most crucial components of the play. The very first one is at the beginning of the play where he is able to manipulate Roderigo to stir up Brabantio to inform him that his daughter, Desdemona has been stolen by Othello.

What act does Iago tell Othello Desdemona is cheating on him?

“Look to her, Moor, if thou hast eyes to see:/She has deceived her father, and may thee.” Act III scene III Iago says this to Othello when Othello is trying to get Iago to tell him that Cassio and Desdemona are cheaters.

What was Iago’s main goal?

Iago’s ultimate goal is to get revenge for Othello’s choice of lieutenant and to pay Othello back for sleeping with his wife. Iaga has a plan to have Roderigo kill Cassio.

Why did Emilia lie to Desdemona?

Emilia seems to become loyal to her husband in a way she hasn’t been in the past: she decides to give Iago the handkerchief after having denied his request “a hundred times,” and she lies to Desdemona about not knowing the handkerchief’s whereabouts.

Who does Iago manipulate in Othello?

Iago Manipulating Cassio Iago manipulates Cassio by convincing Cassio to drink, knowing that Cassio vulnerability is getting mouthy when he is drunk. Iago knows that this can cause Cassio to get fired. Iago says “O, they are our friends, but one cup, I’ll drink for you.” ( Shakespeare, A2.

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Which act does Iago manipulate Othello?

In act 3, scene 3, Iago poisons Othello ‘s mind, insinuating that Desdemona’s been cheating on him with Michael Cassio. It’s a total lie, of course, but Iago is such a skilled manipulator that he’s able to make his lies sound so utterly plausible.

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