Often asked: How Does Void Manipulation Work?


Does void manipulation affect poison?

Void Manipulation reduces elemental damage, but Poison can never be of any damage type other than ‘Chaos’, so the elemental reduction from Void Manip is ignored. Rapid Decay reduces the duration of Duration effects, and Poison is a duration effect, so your Poison suffers a 15% duration penalty.

How do I get awakened void manipulation?

Item acquisition seized by the tyrannical. Item drops after killing # monstersQuality GemRight click this item then left click an item to apply it. The Incubated item drops after killing a specific number of monsters. The Void 1 Reach into the Void and claim your prize.

Is void manipulation powerful?

Being one of the most dangerous and powerful abilities, the user of this ability has the power to erase anything including objects, beings, powers, and even concepts.

What is void manipulation?

Void Manipulation, also known as Nothingness Manipulation is the ability to control and manipulate a void: nothingness or non-existence.

Is wither a curse Poe?

Wither would be complete trash as a Curse; there’s no way they let you have 140% Increased Damage Taken from a Curse (a x2. 4 multiplier), plus it will be resisted by Bosses, and it will take up Curse slots. There’s no benefit to making Wither a Curse.

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Is contagion a curse Poe?

Contagion does not hit, so it cannot be used with Curse on Hit.

Is Mirage Archer a minion?

Mirage Archer is 100% NOT a Minion! Make that 99% not a minion, since it apparently triggers Heartbound Loop.

What’s stronger than reality warping?

The only real power that can dare counter reality warping is high scale void manipulation, a power which can afford the user consumption of reality, returning it to a perfect state of nothingness.

What are void powers?

Void powers were the physical and metaphysical manifestation of a Voidborn’s tether to the Void, exerted by an individual’s willpower.

What is soul manipulation?

Soul Manipulation is the ability to interact with one’s soul or the souls of others. This ability ranges from being able to project the power of one’s soul outward, grasping and ripping the souls of others out of their bodies, outright consuming souls to gain power, among other applications.

What is Erebokinesis?

Erebokinesis is an ability to control the darkness. One with this ability is able to blot out the light wherever they go, and can use this ability to cloak themselves from visibility.

What is existence erasure?

Existence Erasure is the simple power to remove something from existence, leaving nothing behind, a level of destruction beyond incineration, vaporization, and atomization.

What is dark energy manipulation?

User can create, shape and manipulate dark energy, usually drawn from inter-dimensional or other similar sources. It can be channeled to a variety of effects as an absence of light, a solid, gaseous and/or liquid substance that can be shaped/manifested in various ways.

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