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Who plays Wes in the gifted?

Danny Ramirez (born September 17, 1992 in Chicago) is an American actor of Colombian and Mexican origin. He is best known for his role as Wes in The Gifted, Mario Martinez in the TV series On My Block and Joaquin Torres in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He will be in the upcoming movie Top Gun: Maverick.

Who is the most powerful mutant on the gifted?

The Gifted: The 15 Strongest Mutants, Officially Ranked

  1. 1 FENRIS. The Gifted has made it very clear that two of the most dangerous mutants in its world were Andrea and Andreas Von Strucker, the twins known together as Fenris.
  4. 4 POLARIS.
  5. 5 ECLIPSE.
  6. 6 AIDE.
  7. 7 PULSE.

What is Sage’s power in the gifted?

Sage (comics)

Notable aliases Tessa, Lady Tessa, Diana Fox, Britannia
Abilities Ability to jumpstart mutant powers, superhuman mental processing including perfect memory and data analysis, telepathy
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What can Rebecca do in the gifted?

Rebecca Hoover, also known as Twist, was a young mutant who possessed the power to reverse physical matter.

Is Esme in the gifted bad?

Either way, her actions are not making her popular among the fans of the Gifted. In the comics, Esme is the most manipulative of all the quintuplets. She betrays her sisters and tries to kill other members of the X-Men after she falls in love with an alien because that happens all the time in comic books.

Is there any romance in the gifted?

The romance is so real The show also teases a relationship between Blink and Thunderbird; while it seems a little silly to point out, I can think of literally no other show that features a romance between a Native American character and an Asian character, and that in itself makes The Gifted feel that much more unique.

Can Thanos beat Jean GREY?

Jean Grey can ‘t beat Thanos. Thanos’s powers are defensive.

Is Apocalypse stronger than Thanos?

Both Apocalypse and Thanos are very powerful. Apocalypse is an Omega level mutant and one of the strongest mutants in existence, although he has been beaten by both the X-Men and Magneto on separate occasions. Thanos vs Apocalypse: Who is stronger and who would win in a fight?

Apocalypse Thanos
Fighting Skills 3/7 4/7

Is Scarlet Witch stronger than Jean GREY?

Scarlet Witch actually faces Jean Grey in Forever X-Men 2, where they are battling over Wakanda. During this fight, the Scarlet Witch’s powers become unpredictable, and her magic is easily able to overwhelm Jean, taken completely out of the fight.

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What powers do the gifted have?


  • Eidetic Memory: The power to remember everything. Possessed by Sage.
  • Empathy: The power to read and feel people’s emotions. Possessed by Esme, Phoebe and Sophie Frost.
  • Energy Manipulation: The ability to absorb and redirect energy. Possessed by Erg.
  • Energy Projection: The power to project energy.

What are dawns powers?

A mutant, Polaris can control magnetism in a manner similar to Magneto, whom she long suspected to be her biological father. This relationship was confirmed in Uncanny X-Men #431 (November 2003).

What powers does Sage have?

Valorant Sage Abilities

  • Slow Orb – Cast out a radianite orb that breaks into a slowing field upon impact with the ground.
  • Barrier Orb – Conjure a large, solid wall.
  • Healing Orb – Heal an ally or yourself to full health over a few seconds.
  • Resurrection – Target a friendly corpse.

Is the gifted bl?

The Gifted is not a BL show, but there are scenes that BL fans can enjoy. It’s not enough to shoo away non- BL fans, though.

Who killed Rebecca in the gifted?

One year ago, Rebecca’s parents turn her in to Sentinel Services. In the present, Andy disagrees with Reeva imprisoning Rebecca as the humans did. He decides to free Rebecca and run, but she wants to kill the entire Inner Circle instead. Andy accidentally kills her in the process of thwarting her attack.

Does Rebecca from the gifted die?

She had gone on to develop a kinship and bond with Andy Strucker until he unintentionally killed her during her attempt to massacre the Inner Circle.

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