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What is Eigrp protocol and how it works?

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol ( EIGRP ) is an advanced distance-vector routing protocol that is used on a computer network for automating routing decisions and configuration. EIGRP is used on a router to share routes with other routers within the same autonomous system.

What does Eigrp stand for?

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol ( EIGRP ) is an interior gateway protocol suited for many different topologies and media.

What are the basic features of Eigrp?

EIGRP has four basic components:

  • Neighbor Discovery/Recovery.
  • Reliable Transport Protocol.
  • DUAL Finite State Machine.
  • Protocol Dependent Modules.

What is an advantage of using Eigrp?

Benefits of EIGRP It makes use of link more effectively through (ECMP) Equal-Cost Multi-Path and unequal cost load sharing. It performs a much easier transition with a multi-address family. It supports both IPV4 and IPV6 networks. It provides encryption for security and can be used with iBGP for WAN routing.

Is Eigrp still used?

EIGRP is known widely as a proprietary protocol. While it’s true that the informational RFC by Cisco will allow other vendors to use EIGRP as a routing protocol, the adoption of EIGRP by other vendors is still quite distant, if it ever happens at all. After all, this “openness” only happened a short time ago.

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What causes Eigrp flapping?

Neighbor Flapping. The single most common issue that is encountered with the use of EIGRP is that it does not establish a neighborship properly. There are several possible causes for this: Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) issue.

Who uses Eigrp?

EIGRP can be used not only for Internet Protocol (IP) networks but also for AppleTalk and Novell NetWare networks. Using EIGRP, a router keeps a copy of its neighbor’s routing tables.

What are the disadvantages of Eigrp?

Disadvantages of EIGRP

  • EIGRP is still distance vector routing protocol and only relies on routed provided by directly connected neighbour.
  • EIGRP is not extensible and does not support future application through ”opaque” LSA, e.g. MPLS Traffic Engineering.

Why Eigrp is better than Rip?

The main advantage of using RIP is it uses the UDP (User Datagram Protocol). 2. Enhanced Interior Gateway Protocol ( EIGRP ): EIGRP stands for which allows router to share information to the neighboring routers which are within the same area.

What are the three main features of Eigrp?

What are three features of EIGRP? (Choose three.)

  • uses the Shortest Path First algorithm.
  • establishes neighbor adjacencies.
  • uses the Reliable Transport Protocol.
  • sends full routing table updates periodically.
  • broadcasts updates to all EIGRP routers.
  • supports equal and unequal cost load balancing.

Is Eigrp better than OSPF?

EIGRP converges faster than OSPF because it preserves optional successors in its topology map and can pass directly through optional subsequent relays if direct successors are not found. 5. EIGRP multicast address is 224.0. 0.10 and OSPF is 224.0.

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What is the purpose of process ID in Eigrp?

The process – ID, in EIGRP is a numeric value between 1 and 65536. And it identifies the EIGRP process as 1. This means that we can have several instances of EIGRP running on a router, however, communication will only work when the process_ID is the same in the routing domain.

What do you feel is the greatest benefit of using Eigrp?

EIGRP is a simple protocol to understand and deploy. It’s IPv6-ready, scales effectively in a well-designed network, and provides extremely quick convergence times. Other EIGRP advantages include: Easy transition to IPv6 with multi-address family support for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

How does Eigrp operate?

How does EIGRP work? With EIGRP, two routers form a neighbor relationship and exchange routes. Hello packets (“keepalives”) are present between the two routers; they serve to let each side know if the other goes down or if the link between them goes down.

Is Eigrp open standard now?

Is EIGRP Open Standard? No, the Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol ( EIGRP ) developed by Cisco is not an open standard. EIGRP is a routing protocol that is proprietary to Cisco.

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