Question: Source Filmmaker How To Bone Manipulation?


How do you move bones in Source Filmmaker?

Click and drag the arrows to make the bone move in that direction, or click on the light blue square in the middle to move the bone relative to the screen. You will also notice rings between the arrows. Depending on which ring you drag, the bone will move relative to the two axis that the ring sits between.

How do you hide bones in SFM?

Do this with anything else that could be obtrusive while you make your foundation poses, such as fingers. When you want to see the Hidden bones again, right click anywhere in the Animation Set Editor, or click on the cog in the upper right of the ASE, and click “Show Hidden “.

How do you select bones in SFM?

Hover the mouse pointer in the viewport, hold down Ctrl to show selectable controls, and click the control you want to select. Alternatively, you can lasso- select multiple controls by holding down Ctrl and dragging.

How do you zoom out in Source Filmmaker?

You can navigate with the camera in one of two ways: with WASD controls, or with Alt controls. WASD controls.

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Command Shortcut
Up Press Z
Down Press X
Roll Hold down R and drag
Zoom in and out Rotate the mouse wheel


How do you delete an object in SFM?

To delete an object from a shot:

  1. In the Animation Set Editor, select the animation set(s) you want to delete.
  2. Right-click one of the selected animation sets, and click Delete Animation Set(s).

How do you move props in SFM?

You can either press Tab, F2, or click on the Motion Editor Icon. You can only move models when inside the Motion or Graph Editor.

How do you select multiple bones in MMD?

Box Select: Allows you to select multiple bones at once by clicking and dragging the mouse.

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