Quick Answer: What Is The Psychology Being Used Here Iago Manipulation?


How was Iago manipulative?

Iago manipulates the other characters of Othello by preying on and triggering their individual doubts and insecurities. He implies to Othello that his wife, Desdemona, is having an affair with Cassio, but, importantly, he makes his implications sound hesitant so that Othello is more inclined to believe him.

How does Iago use reverse psychology?

Iago is “trying to convince him to slow down on his judgements of the two until he has concrete proof.” Reverse Psychology. “Patience, I say, your mind perhaps may change.” Act V Scene II. Othello says this to himself when he is in Desdemona’s room as she in sleeping and he is thinking about killing her.

How is Iago manipulative in Act 1?

Initially, Iago manipulates the ignorant, lovesick Roderigo and uses him as a pawn to fulfill his malevolent plan. Iago proceeds to manipulate Brabantio by comparing Othello to an “old black ram,” referring to him as the devil, and inciting Brabantio’s rage by commenting on Othello’s

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What motivates Iago to manipulate?

One of the most baffling things about this play is why Iago goes to such lengths to destroy Othello & Desdemona. He has little to gain from his evil scheme, so why does he do it? Jealousy, a desire for power, sadism, racism and frustrated love are some possible explanations.

Why is Iago evil?

Iago is one of Shakespeare’s most sinister villains, often considered such because of the unique trust that Othello places in him, which he betrays while maintaining his reputation for honesty and dedication. Shakespeare contrasts Iago with Othello’s nobility and integrity.

Who does Iago call the true general?


Whom does Iago refer to as the true general? Desdemona
How does Othello kill Desdemona? smothering
What, according to Iago, is the “green-eyed monster”? jealousy
Whom does Cassio wound in the drunken brawl of Act II, scene iii? Montano


Why did Emilia lie to Desdemona?

Emilia seems to become loyal to her husband in a way she hasn’t been in the past: she decides to give Iago the handkerchief after having denied his request “a hundred times,” and she lies to Desdemona about not knowing the handkerchief’s whereabouts.

How does Iago persuade Othello?

Iago convinces him that he can still get Desdemona in the end. Iago decides to convince Othello that Desdemona’s cheating on him. After Cassio is fired, Iago suggests to him that he ask Desdemona to intervene with Othello in his favor. Cassio thinks this is a great idea.

How is he persuaded by Iago?

He uses very clever methods of persuasion, but they all are subsidiaries of the same thing; Othello’s own insecurities and doubt about his colour and his relationship with his wife. Iago’s brilliant cunning sees these insecurities and brings them out, using imagery, putting in ideas, and reverse psychology.

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Why is Othello easily manipulated?

Othello’s main flaw was that he trusted people too much which led him to believe things that never happened. Iago knows about Othello’s trust in people and his need to show his “greatness” because he is black, which makes Othello open to manipulation.

Who does Iago manipulate first?

Iago’s constant ability to manipulate and use others to do his bidding allows his carry out the 3 most crucial components of the play. The very first one is at the beginning of the play where he is able to manipulate Roderigo to stir up Brabantio to inform him that his daughter, Desdemona has been stolen by Othello.

How does Iago use deception?

The basis behind Iago’s deceit is centred on jealousy of Othello which is triggered when Iago is not promoted to lieutenant instead Cassio is given the job. Thus Iago comes into it with deceptive skills and using people’s weaknesses to his advantage he ends up using Roderigo in his ultimate plan to bring down Othello.

Who did Iago kill?

Iago is furious about being overlooked for promotion and plots to take revenge against his General; Othello, the Moor of Venice. Iago manipulates Othello into believing his wife Desdemona is unfaithful, stirring Othello’s jealousy. Othello allows jealousy to consume him, murders Desdemona, and then kills himself.

Is Iago in love with Desdemona?

Iago admits that Othello is a loving husband to Desdemona, but says that he, too, loves Desdemona. Iago also clarifies that part of his hatred for Cassio is a suspicion that Cassio, too, has slept with Iago’s wife.

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Did Othello slept with Emilia?

At the start of the play we are given two reasons. One is that Cassio has been picked ahead of him as Lieutenant; the other is that he thinks that Othello slept with Iago’s wife, Emilia. After all, who was chosen to take over from Othello in Cyprus at the end of the play but Cassio himself.

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