Quick Answer: Why Use Thoracic Manipulation For Shoulder?


What is thoracic manipulation?

For the purpose of this paper, thoracic spine manipulation (TSM) is defined as a high-velocity/low-amplitude movement or “thrust” directed at any segment of the thoracic spine, including the cervicothoracic junction.

Is heat good for shoulder impingement?

Heat may soothe aching muscles, but it won’t reduce inflammation. Use a heating pad or take a warm shower or bath. Do this for 15 minutes at a time. Don’t use heat when pain is constant.

How do they treat shoulder impingement in physical therapy?

Your individual treatment program may include:

  1. Pain Management. Your physical therapist will help you identify and avoid painful movements, as well as correct abnormal postures to reduce impingement compression.
  2. Manual Therapy.
  3. Range-of-Motion Exercises.
  4. Strengthening Exercises.
  5. Patient Education.
  6. Functional Training.

Can shoulder impingement be fixed without surgery?

While most cases of shoulder impingement can be treated without surgery, sometimes it is recommended. A doctor may suggest surgery if nonsurgical treatment options do not adequately relieve shoulder pain and improve range of motion.

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What happens if shoulder impingement is left untreated?

If left untreated, impingement syndrome can lead to inflammation of tendons (tendinitis) and/or bursa (bursitis). If not treated correctly, the rotator cuff tendons will begin to thin and tear.

Does shoulder impingement hurt all the time?

Injury Description The pain is usually felt on the tip of the shoulder or part way down the shoulder muscle. The pain is felt when the arm is lifted overhead or twisted in a certain direction. In extreme cases, pain will be present all the time and it may even wake the injured individual from a deep sleep.

How do you sleep with a shoulder impingement?

Sleeping on your back: The best sleeping position for shoulder impingement is sleeping on your back. When you sleep on your back, little to no pressure is placed on your shoulders, neck, and back. This neutral position can provide a pain-free sleeping posture for shoulder pain and help keep your spine aligned.

What are the best exercises for shoulder impingement?

Shoulder impingement rehab protocol

  • Blade squeezes. Sitting or standing up straight, pinch shoulder blades together as if pinching a peanut between them.
  • Rotations.
  • Pec stretching.
  • Distraction.
  • Theraband rows.
  • Theraband external rotation.

Where does a shoulder impingement hurt?

Shoulder impingement syndrome can best be described as a recurring ache / pain on the outside upper part of your shoulder when you raise your arm to shoulder height. Shoulder impingement syndrome occurs due to pinching and inflammation of the rotator cuff tendon and bursa in the space below the acromion (see photo).

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Why does shoulder impingement hurt more at night?

It causes swelling and pain in the shoulder that can worsen at night because your position in bed – especially if you lay on your side – can further irritate and inflame the damaged muscles and tendons of the rotator cuff.

Can a shoulder impingement be fixed?

While shoulder impingement can be painful and affect your daily activities, most people make a full recovery within a few months. In many cases, you’ll just need some rest and physical therapy. If those don’t provide relief, you may need surgery, which can add a few months to your recovery time.

Can a shoulder impingement be repaired?

Severe cases of impingement may require surgery to remove the pressure and create more space for the rotator cuff. The most common procedure for treating impingement is subacromial decompression.

How serious is shoulder impingement?

If left untreated, a shoulder impingement can lead to more serious conditions, such as a rotator cuff tear. Physical therapists help decrease pain and improve shoulder motion and strength in people with shoulder impingement syndrome.

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