Readers ask: How Is Manipulation Shown In Chapter 9 Of The Joy Luck Club?


What does Lena’s neighbor boy die of?

Five years later, the boy died of a very rare disease. Lena was sure she had killed him, and she thinks about it to this day. The night she found out about the neighbor’s death, she forced herself to eat a half-gallon of ice cream, then threw it up.

What is wrong with Popo in The Joy Luck Club?

When An-mei turns nine, Popo becomes deathly ill and An-mei’s mother returns home to care for her, even going so far as to slice off some of her arm in an effort to make a healing brew. Unfortunately, the attempts to nurse Popo back to health aren’t enough, and Popo dies without ever reconciling with An-mei’s mother.

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Why did Lena hate Arnold so much?

Clair told her that her future husband would have one pockmark for every grain of rice that the child did not eat. She hated Arnold so much that she found “a way to make him die.” After seeing a movie about lepers in Africa, Lena gradually stopped eating.

What does it mean to lose face Popo says if you lose your face it is like dropping your necklace down a well the only way you can get it back is to fall in?

When An-Mei’ began to understand Popo’s stories: ” When you lose your face, it is like dropping your necklace down a well. The only way you can get it back is to fall in after it. This means that you need to take responsibility for yourself and learn what you are doing.

What disorder did Lena have as a child?

Later years. From the age of 13, Lena had anorexia nervosa.

Why did Waverly quit chess?

To retaliate against her mother for bragging about Waverly’s outstanding chess playing, Waverly decided to quit the game.

Why did an-Mei Hsu and Popo not speak?

An- mei’s mother became the concubine of a man named Wu-Tsing when An- mei was four, so she and her little brother went to live with their grandmother, Popo, who forbade them to speak their mother’s name.

Who is Auntie Lin Joy Luck?

June’s mother’s best friend. aka: Auntie Lin. Jing Mei’s mother. A joy luck auntie who lost her twin babies.

Why did an-Mei’s mother kill herself?

An- mei Hsu An- mei’s mother, the wife of a respected scholar, loses all status when her husband dies; she is raped and forced into concubinage by the wealthy Wu Tsing. She kills herself so that An- mei can have freedom.

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How does Lena try to kill Arnold?

Lena immediately thought of Arnold, a neighbor who had small marks about the size of grains of rice on his face and was mean to her. She was frightened she would have to marry him. She tried to kill Arnold by not finishing her food, so she wouldn’t have to marry him.

Why can’t you put a mirror at the foot of a bed Joy Luck Club?

The Joy Luck Club She is certain that the mirror will deflect all happiness from her daughter’s marriage, so she remedies the situation by giving her daughter a mirror to hang above the bed. This arrangement will reverse the bad luck and bring good “peach-blossom luck,” the mother says.

Why did Lena let her relationship progress with Harold the way it did?

Why did Lena let her relationship progress with Harold the way it did? Lena insisted that they share expenses of lunches and dinners, and occasionally, she paid for Harold. She felt that she did not deserve Harold and thus had to make it up to him for being with her.

Why does Lindo’s mother treat her as if she is a visitor in the house who belonged to somebody else?

Lindo’s parents treated her as if she belonged to somebody else. Though her parents had made her promise to marry Tyan-yu, Lindo was afraid and miserable. Then she realized that she was strong.

How does Lindo convince her husband to marry her?

Lindo manages to convince Huang Taitai by arguing that the marriage is rotten, offering as proof an empty spot in her mouth where a tooth fell out, and a mole on Tyan-yu’s back. Everyone is happy, and Lindo gets enough money to go to America.

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Why does the husband aim his bow at the Moon Lady?

Why does the husband aim his bow at the Moon Lady? He is angry that she took his chance at everlasting life.

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