Readers ask: How Often Do Bit Manipulation Questions Appear On The Coding Interview?


Do you need to know bit manipulation for coding interviews?

Bit manipulation is only of moderate importance for the Google interview, as it is not asked as frequently as questions on topics such as arrays, trees, and graphs. However, you are expected to know it and it does come up from time to time.

How important is bit manipulation in interviews?

Bit manipulation, in some cases, can obviate or reduce the need to loop over a data structure and can give many-fold speed-ups, as bit manipulations are processed in parallel, but the code can become more difficult to write and maintain.

Is bit manipulation important for interview Reddit?

I would say yes. Bit manipulation is often asked in interviews and it really isn’t hard to learn the problems. You can probably knock down the bit manipulation chapter fairly quickly. My first interview with one of the big 4 was a bit manipulation problem.

How do you pass a coding interview?

In the meantime, if you do want to get better at interviewing, this blog post describes how we think you can most effectively do so.

  1. Be enthusiastic.
  2. Study common interview concepts.
  3. Get help from your interviewer.
  4. Talk about trade-offs.
  5. Highlight results.
  6. Use a dynamic language, but mention C.
  7. Practice, practice, practice.
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How do you solve a bit manipulation question?

  1. Print numbers having first and last bits as the only set bits.
  2. Check if all bits can be made same by flipping two consecutive bits.
  3. Flip bits of the sum of count of set bits of two given numbers.
  4. Count of pairs {X, Y} from an array such that sum of count of set bits in X ⊕ Y and twice the count of set bits in X & Y is M.

How do you use bit manipulation problems?

The same problem can be solved using bit manipulation. Consider a number x that we need to check for being a power for 2. Now think about the binary representation of (x-1). (x-1) will have all the bits same as x, except for the rightmost 1 in x and all the bits to the right of the rightmost 1.

Why is bit manipulation important?

For most other tasks, modern programming languages allow the programmer to work directly with abstractions instead of bits representing those abstractions. Bit manipulation can obviate or reduce the need to loop over a data structure and can speed up coding as bit manipulations are processed in parallel.

How do you reverse a bit?

  1. # Function to reverse bits of a given integer.
  2. def reverseBits(n):
  3. pos = SIZE – 1 # maintains shift.
  4. # store reversed bits of `n`. Initially, all bits are set to 0.
  5. reverse = 0.
  6. # do till all bits are processed.
  7. while pos >= 0 and n:
  8. # if the current bit is 1, then set the corresponding bit in the result.

What is bit manipulation in C?

Bit manipulation is the act of algorithmically manipulating bits or other pieces of data shorter than a byte. C language is very efficient in manipulating bits.

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How do you know if you passed coding interview?

Good signs:

  • You were able to answer the questions easily and in appropriate detail.
  • You understood why the questions were being asked.
  • You were able to ask your own questions relevant to the discussion, and did so without over-thinking them or asking them specifically to impress the interviewer.

Are coding interviews hard?

Coding Interviews are generally difficult because the interviewer or the organization wants to hire the best of the best, and the work would generally include a lot of algorithm or product development.

How long is a coding interview?

In general, a coding interview is about 45 minutes of problem solving. Sometimes you’ll get a few short technical questions, but usually you’ll only dig into one complex algorithmic coding interview question (like the ones in our course).

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